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Default Because of your courage is worth the

"I see the caller ID on the screen, and my heart is still holding a trace of disbelief, I did not expect that really you, you take the initiative to call me? Add very much!"

Laden with joy to hear Tang Ruogu surprised voice, leaves Nichole could not help but want to laugh. You? "So simple plus very? Scores take oh so good?"

"Because of your courage is worth the reward." He does not mean this kind of thing. "How to find something I? Still want to hear my voice?"

Xiuzhen say for a long time did not see you, come out to see a face with her okay? "They approached him, but also want to hear his voice.


Leaves Kou, behold, your twentieth! "He re-opening, the good mood has her destruction bare.

"Babble?! I am, what I do -" Ye Kou to hang on record "courage points table booklet, thinking that it would save his sentence put scores zero fate.

"You should help another woman about my meeting cited"

She heard him with the back is different from the usual Shen hoarse voice, the tone with a strong challenge.

"Uh ...... do not be so angry! ......"

"Well, you can also hear it." Hum.

"You, you really angry?" The tense tone leaves coach factory outlet Nichole came through the phone.

Tang Ruogu faint Yi Tan know her anger for anyone feeling uneasy and afraid.

"Not angry, just unable to Bale."

"... I'm sorry." Small daughter back.

"You did this to me to apologize, you broke my heart." Harm he thought she is ready and he sweetly some cell phone over, the result is that someone else about him.

"I'm sorry ... I ...... I do not mean that, Xiuzhen said she wanted to get together, eat a meal, meet up ... I do not know that you will be sad ..."

Kou child, I sad because you know it? "He was very skeptical.

"Uh ... you mad at me help Xiuzhen about you, or ... meeting will disturb you work?" Leaves Nichole testing. Frankly, she does not know what he was upset, they are without forcing him to pay for the cost of all eat, drink, should have to worry about them ripped off it?

"You obviously are not the Ben Nvhai you." Tang Ruogu put down the flavors and cans, and her wholeheartedly "chat." If you tell me, is because you wanted to see me, I will be very happy, and not want to see me because you school girl , the way you wronged, took the trouble to meet my good, coach outlet store online both of which is not the same feeling. '

"What are you sorry this?"

"Yes." Again, but definitely.

"...... And so on."

The end of coach outlet store online the call, Tang Ruogu slightly stunned that the reception is poor, feed the twice'm sure leaves Nichole hung up his phone.

Boy, he was in the mood for her plus ten brave enough.

The ringtone sounded Caller ID or cheap coach handbags jump out of her name Feng, good to see her playing coach outlet store online a trick.


"You, Hello, my leaves Kou ...

"Ah ha."

"I would like to ask to see you coach factory online free this Saturday?"

Tang Ruogu Tiaoqi Mei, listening to her trying a silly way to eliminate the call in less than a minute ago, well, put your horse back.

"I look at my calendar," he pretending to be pondered, "I want to go and friends to talk about the details of the next Sunday fashion show, look at the theme of the fashion show, we go envisaged styling and makeup painting, but four in the afternoon after the point, I'm free. "and also deliberately perimeter before answering.

"That's about to eat dinner, OK? 'Me' you to dinner." In particular, she emphasized the singular.

"Your birthday is it?"

"Yeah ......"

"That being the case, why suddenly want to invite me to dinner?"

"Well ... meet up do not you?"

Hear her such a soft tone, what is wrong?

"You wanted to see me?" Tang Ruogu accompany her playing Solitaire topic.

"... Think."

Really want.

Or she was asked Li Xiuzhen will not take the initiative to make that call, she can continue to pretend Timid - Li Xiuzhen dare to play, she can not fight this is the coward leaves Nichole the rights, the Lian Li Xiuzhen not suspect what.

Have not seen him for a few days? Clearly written on her notepad: six days and 15 hours and 14 minutes and thirteen seconds.

Want to see him say, lie.

"Well, where to see?" He heard her honesty.

"Uh ...... 'Love Song', good is good?

"'Love Song', four o'clock."

"That ... Can I Shunpian Dai Xiuzhen go?" Carefully, she brings out the focus of a phone call, but this time with Li Xiuzhen is "the way".

See her deliberately wham coach factory outlet phone over to appease him, he contented.


Yeah! "Thank you."

Tang Ruogu while shaking his head and laughing, she really is not Ben Nvhai, or some small smart.

"... I have just two very even buckle it?" This is her worst fears, she was cherished score represents courage.

"I have just said what is it?" Silly girl, not to pretend that did not begin with a phone call? Also the phrase he want to buckle down her twentieth, then shake out.

"Yeah, no, you did not say anything ... right, you say I take the initiative to call you, very brave, to add I am." This point must be arithmetic, never let him slither.

"I say it?" He smiled maliciously, still elegant.

Er en en, said that, plus a very "even if Tang Ruogu not see her nod such as Daosuan, her head still kept inching, and quickly hand Notepad write" +10 " , in black and white buildings, write up indelible.

"Yes, you're very brave, plus you very much."

"I write it down, and the current total of two very."

"Not twenty your second phone call, plus very active about plus very, honesty imagine plus I coach outlet store online very much trying to defend their own right to score, plus very present, a total of six congratulate you qualified." In fact, she hung his phone trick, he wanted the extra points, but for her to worry about "her, so it is still choose not to say" teach bad.

"Yeah?" His scoring criteria so loose? Just a phone call even such a high value!

Go to check the sixtieth prizes -

Her once and makeup!

Leaves Kou grin, feeling that he was to turn on the water Oh, like deliberately let her rapidly across the passing standard.

"You have to help me of a makeup?"

She did not care about the make-up can be made in her face how much of the miraculous effect, just happy to revisit his gentle fingertip tactile jumping in the face ...

"Yes. Meet day, want early thirty minutes 'Love Song' on you with me?" As for the "convenience" bring Li Xiuzhen, or about four points better.

"You start doing it? Not to discuss what things fashion show and so and so who ..."

"Can, as long as you nod, what can and want to do?" He can even she turned down a fashion show modeling income.

"Half past three, you and me."

Love Song cafes, floated bursts mellow aroma of coffee, only the smell of orange tea back to the shop and leaves Nichole first feeling is very different, a kind of ... "Yeah, this is the coffee shop!" Marvel .

Leaves Kou early to shop around quarter past three, she has always been on time, very few organic allow others to waste time waiting for her.

Attracted by the smell of coffee, she points to a latte, sit in a quiet corner of the store.

Behind the counter, has not seen the Tang Ruogu slender, elegant figure, replaced by a "manager" a completely different type of man chef, he looks rough, there are quite delicate taste of boiled coffee, very smooth throat.

He was very kind to entertain her, probably because the store not many guests, but she was not accustomed to strangers warm conversation - although she knows he is a friend of Tang Ruogu, otherwise he will not be special for him on behalf of nearly half month of classes - are smiled to the right, we do not, is sinking, the weight of dead low forehead to face him.

Did not have long to wait, Tang Ruogu to him a sleeveless red shirt, black trousers, modeling simple and neat, and usually dressed nobility, straight hair curly hair hot back, creating a different kind of taste, he .
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