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Action Ahead!

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Good to see that Mickey Arthur has been following the Sri Lanka-England series closely. According to him, Sri Lanka still rely heavily on Muralitharan, Sanath Jayasuriya and Kumar Sangakkara. “They’re virtually the guts and soul of the team,” says Mickey. “So, the first job for us is to neutralise them and really do our homework on them.” Easier said than done Mickey.
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Andre Nel – hmmm. Why is he still allowed? I think his on-field behaviour is disgusting and completely juvenile.
A journalist friend of mine once asked Graeme Smith about Nel, and he said, ‘Oh, he just behaves the way he does because he is so involved in the game and so passionate about it.’ They seriously believe that?
I think Nel is a seriously disturbed individual who needs psychiatric counselling. He puts me off every time I watch him.
Easy on, mates. What is this? An ‘I hate Andre Nel’ site? I think he’s totally entertaining, the trick is not to take him seriously or personally.
That’s easy to say Lars, but try facing him in the middle and you’ll think differently. I know a guy who played against Nel in a friendly match, and even there, his behaviour was totally weird.
I dont see why they should neutralise them, they are the heart and soul of the team like you said so neutralizing them would do no good for the squd. Just train the whole team harder and youd soon see results.
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