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All time favourite Batsman?????????????????

  • Ricky Ponting

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  • Hanif Muhammad

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  • Saeed Anwar

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  • Rahul Dravid

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  • Brian Lara

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  • Jayasurya

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All time your Favourite Batsman

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Who is your favourite batsman from history till now????????
1- Javid Miandad
2- Zaheer Abbas
3- Schine Tendulkar
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I would say Donald Bradman but I never got to see him play. So I am going to Say Ricky Ponting I love how he goes about his batting.
MIANDAD all the way

though BRADMAN has unmatchable stats, but MIANDAD is MIANDAD

repest all gr8 gr8 batsman
i loved watching Viv Richards in the 80's.
In 92 WorldCup i was in my 2nd class, in those times we were busy in our final; exams, as a toooo young child i knew very little about CRICKET

the only thing i knew then was MIANDAD

I didn't even knew Imran Khan or anyone Else

B4 World Cuip 92, the officials declared Miandad UNFIT??!?!

the whole Pakistani Nation took a GR8 STAND against it & forced the selection of MIANDAD which was the very right decision

Judging on past videos ive seen from Viv, id have to say him, his style is very slick and he is a confident hitter.
I've gone with Tugga.

While it goes without saying, The Don is the greatest the world will ever see, I've gone for Steve Waugh simply because of his tenacity.
He wasn't the most gifted batsmen, however the intestinal fortitude he bought to the crease was second only to that of AB.

If Mrs.Waugh had given birth to one son, with Mark's talent & Steve's tenacity & strength of character, we just may have seen another Bradman!

Brian Lara is my favourite batsmen and it was sad to see him retire at the world cup but he is a the greatest batsmen I have ever seen.
Although he is before my time Sir Donald Bradman is my all time favorite bats man. He scored 28067 first class game runs and played 234 first class games, my dad is an influence on me as to why i like him so much but i think he is the best bats man ever to grace the Australian team.
AB deviliers is my favourite. A man who can put a real effect on bowlers. :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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