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Ashes Series Boosts Local Economy.

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An economic impact study has revealed last summer's Ashes series boosted the Australian economy by $317million.

Ticket sales generated $30 million, while around 37,000 tourists spent more than $10,000 each over the summer.

Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland said the success of the Australian team had played an important part in the sport's growing popularity.

"People come from far and wide to watch this cricket team play the brand of cricket that they do," he said.

"No team has ever scored in Test cricket at the rate that this team does.

"They are genuine entertainers and that's one of the reasons why we've seen over the last two or three years crowds increasing year on year."

Federal Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said the Australian economy was the winner.

"Cricket is simply marvellous for jobs and tourism," she said.

"Our boys not only did a fabulous job in winning back the Ashes, but helped to create hundreds of new jobs and attract thousands of tourists to our shores."

Most days were sold out here well before the Ashes took place. For the first summer in a long time the MCG test was shwon live in Melbourne, something which hardly ever happens. The ground holds 100,000 and they only show it live when it's sold out.
I guess this means England will be welcome back anytime, what a bummer. :lol:
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The Ashes was a great success and for more than one reason obviously. It was a great win for the Australian team good confidence builder as if they needed it but good win for the team and we one the Ashes back.

But clearly the money and opportunity's the competions generated has done wonders for the economy. Hopefully the money generated will go into something worth while, hopefully ad ons the the stadiums around Australia. The Jobs created are great which is really good for the economy and the job rate.

I hope the ashes are as successful as it was this year next year.
It good to see a boost in economy for Australia \. The Ashes continues to be a great draw, the spectacle of being there with 100,000 and seeing warnie take his legendary 700th wicket. Dont expect the same this year with India and Sri Lanka touring.
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