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Australian venues line up to host Pakistan

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THE slim chance of Australia hosting Pakistan gained momentum yesterday as the chairmen of both cricket boards prepared to meet and discuss the safety of the series scheduled for March in the unstable country.

Cricket Australia boss Creagh O'Connor flew to Dubai yesterday and hopes in the next few days to meet with Pakistani counterpart Nasim Ashraf about concerns for Australian players and officials in the aftermath of a political assassination and recent terrorist bombings.

A Pakistani board member yesterday floated the possibility of swapping tours so Australia could play hosts in March and then tour the subcontinent region in November 2009 when Pakistan are officially due here.

It is highly unlikely CA will agree to this idea because the side has an obligation to be in Australia in late 2009. But if the March tour is cancelled, O'Connor may be tempted to invite Pakistan anyway. CA would stand to benefit financially, and venues have jumped at the chance to host matches.

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hopefully there will no need for that looking at zim i think australia can play in pakistan
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