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Bacher was as infamous as he was famous as he defied intimidating odds to keep cricket alive as the iniquitous old South Africa evolved into the Rainbow Nation that proudly presents itself to the world today.

As this complex, compartmentalised country emerged from the darkness into a vibrant democracy, so Bacher became enlightened and an eloquent and outspoken advocate for change in a land tormented by racial division.

Bacher, who alienated much of the game's establishment by organising rebel tours during South Africa's 21-year isolation from the international cricket community, was the powerbroker of the then United Cricket Board of South Africa and committed to the development of the disadvantaged and demoralised in the blighted townships that punctuate this country. He has always been a driven man blessed with disparate skills and ability to enthuse and inspire. Renowned for rising at 4.30 each morning and working 14 hours a day, imagine his distress when three months after his retirement as a cricket administrator in 2003 his one task for a particular day was to collect his dry cleaning at 11am.

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