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So Bermuda's four-year flirtation with cricket's big time has ended, and perhaps fittingly, they departed the scene not with all guns blazing so much as with a parp, a shrug, and one eye on where that night's party was at.

Given much of what has happened since the ICC Trophy in 2005, few were surprised that Bermuda failed to retain their ODI status at the ICC World Cup Qualifiers. They managed one win, against Denmark, and never really looked able to keep up with the Associates big boys.

In fairness to Bermuda, they were a very small country punching above their weight. But great things were expected from the team when they made it to the big time. The local media went overboard at the prospect of Bermuda taking part in the Caribbean's World Cup in 2007, and the government pledged millions of dollars to help build up the national side.

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