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bloody awful

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time for my rant!

look what happens when you take a poor one day side to the ashes, we've just lost the forth test by an innings as i write this!

strauss - the only test batsman in the squad - hasn't performed to his ability

cook - inexperienced, but has potential, hopefully ready for 2010 ashes

bell - inexperienced, not as much potential, may never be ready

collingwood - average one day all rounder

pieterson - the only real star in the side apart from hoggy, but why not at number 4?

flintoff - captain? you must be joking! poor batsman, average bowler, but fletchers yes man, disgrace

g jones - in the squad for his batting? which is poor much like is wicketkeeping

read - is this all we have as back up?

mahmood - don't get me started

hoggard - the only england player worth his place except pieterson, great bowler, "run up and wang in down!"

Panesar - inexperienced, but has potential, hopefully ready for 2010 ashes

giles - hasn't played for a year, wasn't very good before the injury

Harmison - excellent on his day but how many off days does he want?

anderson - not up to test match standard and never will be

so how would i choose? not my job
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