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"Binga's a 300 Test-wicket bowler - we've only got four of them in Australian history," Nielsen said. "You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. He had a pretty bad foot injury and has taken a while to get over it. I think in his 70-odd Test matches he has shown what he can be when he's bowling at his best. When he's fit he can be as dangerous as anybody.

"To have Binga back in the mix bowling 150km/h outswingers, any team is going to take that. It's exciting to hear him being so positive about it and looking forward to getting back into it and being the leader of the attack."

Nielsen said Lee did not have great series against South Africa or India, but he was injured and exhausted toward the end of summer. It was the same, he said, with Clark.

The Australian coach believes that to have such great players demanding selection is a good thing for Australian cricket and a remarkable change from a few months back.

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