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Butt: I will drag Dasti to court
The PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt has threatened to drag Jamshed Dasti to the court for making false allegations against him.
The war of words between the PCB Chairman Butt and NA Standing Committee Chairman Dasti intensified on Saturday.
"Dasti is damaging cricket and he has tried to ruin my reputation with irresponsible and untrue remarks. I will be taking him to court for this," Butt said from Dhaka.
But Dasti who had called Butt as an "old man mentally and physically not capable of heading the cricket board" is hardly bothered.
"The President would have got my letter today in which I have urged him to remove Butt immediately as Chairman of the board to save cricket from further damage," Dasti told PTI.
"I have written the letter with the consent and support of the committee members. We are confident the President will soon take action as Butt himself got the position of board Chairman because his brother-in-law is a senior leader of the Peoples Party," Dasti said.
Dasti said the sub committee of the NA standing committee had found several instances of mismanagement, nepotism, favoritism and financial bungles in the Board in the tenure of Butt and had sent the report to the Presidency.
"Butt must be removed immediately as he is not capable of heading the Board at his age. I have no personal enmity with him but he has to go to save Pakistan cricket from complete disaster."
Dasti said if Butt will not appear at the next hearing he would exercise his powers to issue an arrest warrant against him.
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