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Butt: Modi to be blamed for IPL snub
The PCB chief Butt held IPL commissioner Lalit Modi responsible for the embarrassment and humiliation caused to Pakistani players.
Ejaz Butt also claimed that the decision to snub Pakistani cricketers at the third Indian Premier League auction was part of a conspiracy to not allow them exposure before the Twenty20 World Cup.
PCB to lodge protest over IPL snub

"The fact is these people didn't want our players to get practice and exposure before the World Cup which is being held after the IPL in India," Butt said on a show on a private television channel.
Asked whether he was directly blaming the Indian cricket Board for the IPL fiasco, Butt questioned: "Tell me who is Lalit Modi, he is vice President of the Indian cricket Board and the IPL is part and parcel of the Indian board."
"I blame Lalit Modi because he gave me assurances and then ditched us. He didn't even properly inform the franchises that we have assurances from our government that this time our players would not be stopped from going to India for the IPL third season," Butt said.
Pakistan are the defending champions of the T20 World Cup this year and ironically last year won the title in England after the IPL was held in South Africa where no Pakistani player could took part.
Butt said he definitely smelt a conspiracy behind the way the Pakistani players were first included in players auction and then snubbed by the franchises.
Asked if he felt the Indians had given a tit for tat response to Pakistan's decision to not allow its cricketers to travel to India for the IPL II, Butt said the proper thing should have been to make it clear that the Pakistani players were not allowed in the tournament this year as well.
Asked if the PCB would allow or advise its players to play in the IPL fourth season, Butt said this decision would be taken at the right time.
He said the PCB was doing everything to bring to the notice of the cricket world the injustice done to Pakistani players at the IPL and this included taking up the matter strongly with the International Cricket Council.
"The good thing is that the government and the people are behind us in this issue and the reaction to the IPL snub has been very positive for Pakistan cricket," he added.
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