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Younus Khan's admission of internal turmoil in the team notwithstanding, PCB President Ejaz Butt said that there was no rift.
Younus had himself yesterday admitted that problems with some senior players in the team was the main reason why he opted out of the Test tour of New Zealand but Butt had a different say on this.
"I don't believe in these speculations. Every time the team is not doing well these kind of speculations and rumours (of internal rift) start coming around and there is nothing like that in the team. Younus needed a break and he took it," Butt said from Dubai.
The PCB chairman insisted that Mohammad Yousuf was appointed captain for the New Zealand tour this month as Younus had asked for a break from cricket. He said Younus could still lead the team again on the Australian tour late next month.
"Younus said he wanted to take a break from international cricket and I decided this was the best thing at this time but he has said he has every intention of getting back to international cricket. Once the New Zealand tour is over and Younus gets back we will sit down together and have a talk and see what has to be done in future," Butt added.
"When he comes back we will most definitely consider him as an option for captaincy," he said.
Butt said Yousuf was the best player to lead the team once Younus had withdrawn from the New Zealand tour.
"We concluded that Yousuf is the best choice at this time to lead the teat as he is the senior most player in the side.
He was the ideal alternative and there were no disagreements over his appointment and we are confident he can do the job in New Zealand," Butt said.
This is the first time that Yousuf will be leading the team in a full captain's role although he has done the job in some matches as deputy to Inzamam-ul-Haq in the past.
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