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England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Giles Clarke hopes participation in women's cricket will mushroom following Sunday's World Cup triumph.

The England team, led by Charlotte Edwards, returned to the UK on Tuesday morning following their four-wicket victory over New Zealand in the final at the North Sydney Oval.

"We have 2million to 2.5million men and boys playing cricket. Logically we should be aiming to emulate that with women, of whom one million are currently playing," he said.

"I've asked Clare Connor (ECB head of women's cricket) and Mark Lane (head coach) to come to the next board meeting and to put forward some ambitious proposals.

"I'm quite convinced that we'll see separate sponsorship of the women's team. They have a very different identity to the men.

"There is also good interest in team sponsorship in men and women. I'm very encouraged by that but we could see a lot more interest in the women.

"We'll be doing a big stunt taking the World Cup around the streets of Taunton and we'll then take it around the country.

"We have to invest more money, have more coaches and support the development of a strong league. I'm very proud of what we've achieved.

"We played very well and it's thoroughly satisfying to win a tournament in Australia. The Australians were extremely jealous."
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