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Congrats Alfie!

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Huge pat on the back for Justin Langer for his record 342 for Somerset! It took him 10 hours and is the seventh highest score in English county cricket. Had he scored just one run more, he would have equalled the record of Charlie McCartney, whose 345 is the highest score by an Australian in England.
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I liked what he said about Viv Richards later on. Asked what he felt about passing Richards’ record for the highest score for Somerset (322), he said, “Richards probably got his in about three hours, though. It took me 10 hours, that’s the difference.” Great guy!
Alfie Langer is without doubt the most underrated cricketer of our times.
I agree. I think people have always seen him as a bit of a Steve Waugh clone rather than a remarkable cricketer in his own right.
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