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Australian captain Ricky Ponting has said he was impressed by India's youth policy and would like to copy it for development of his side as well.

"They went with a youth policy and brought some of the younger players in. I said at the time I was surprised that (Sourav) Ganguly was left out but the younger players that have arrived have added some energy to their group," Ponting was quoted as saying by the Australian media.

"And that's what you need playing one-day cricket. What they've done probably gives us something to look at down the track," he added.

Ponting said youngsters brought more life to a group and also allowed for players to get some much needed rest through the hectic schedule.

"It gave a bit more life to the group. Not having much of a changeover now means the guys have been playing international cricket for a long time and haven't had much of an opportunity or ability to be able to get away from the rigours of international cricket."

The Aussie captain said his team was exhausted after the Test series against India and the fact that almost the same set of players had to play the CB Series added to their woes.

"We've only got a changeover of one or two players now between Test teams and one-day teams. That's really unusual for us. The last couple of years we've had up to five or six players changing over form Test cricket to one-day cricket," he added.
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