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CRICKET AUSTRALIA has denied it would be hypocritical to tour India but not Pakistan later this year following a series of weekend bombings in India.

It is a charge from the subcontinent and the International Cricket Council that has already been laid against players from several countries who stayed in India for the lucrative Indian Premier League after a devastating terrorist blast in Jaipur during May, but are now refusing to tour Pakistan for the Champions Trophy in September.

A CA spokesman claimed that every tour was assessed on its merits. "We only go where security advice tells us is safe," CA's general manager of public affairs Peter Young said yesterday.

"The same question was asked about the London bombings during the '05 Ashes tour when we did not go to Pakistan in March.

"As far as London was concerned we kept the team out of there until security advice was emphatic that it was safe.

"We go through the same process every tour. It's as simple as that."

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