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Cinema they say is the opiate of the masses, and the veracity of this statement was especially visible during the Great Depression of the 1940’s, when people flocked to movie theatres to escape their grim lives and the problems that they faced. This time around, it would seem that this escapism is provided by cricket because there is no mention in the cricket news about any signs of the economic downturn affecting international cricket! Cricket continues to have a captive audience and continues to command the kind of following the other sports in India can only dream of.

In fact New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief executive Justin Vaughan seems to think that cricket has actually taken a turn for the better, economically speaking! "We've seen an explosion in terms of the economic pace of the game," he said and in his opinion this is because, their distributions from ICC have been greatly enhanced. NZC tied up with Sony to ensure that Indians get their fix of international cricket as India tour New Zealand.

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