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AUCKLAND, February 10 (State Shield) - New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent has discounted an immediate return to international cricket after revealing he is suffering from depression.

Vincent removed himself from contention for a place in the Black Caps side last month citing mental and physical exhaustion.

And the former Worcestershire right-hander does not want to be selected in the near future after disclosing the true nature of his illness.

"I was beaten by it. I was completely beaten by it," he told The Sunday Star-Times.

"I let it get to me and it just took over. Until you've actually been through it, you can't imagine how bad it is.

"For as long as I can remember I've been riddled with self-doubt, I've had no self-belief, and I've just been hating the guy I've seen in the mirror.

"I still like the idea of playing overseas in the future. But the main thing for me - in terms of my cricket - is to continue enjoying my time with Auckland and to try to be as successful as possible for them."

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief executive Justin Vaughan said: "We have a sports psychologist with the national team and, while the principle role is to optimise on-field performance, there is also the opportunity to monitor and assist players with problems.

"Apart from that, we have specialists through the country who can liaise locally with both NZC and any player who might need assistance."
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