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I was thinking how do cricket teams prepare themselves for touring different countries for playing test matches. Like pakistan going to the west indies for playing test series. The team needs to pack their bags and fly straight to west indies. Upon reaching a designated hotel, they then head towards a stadium. Then theres perhaps a team meeting and strategy. After playing some time at the nets, there comes a loud noise as the crowd fills in. In the pavilion, when pakistanis come out in the open, they might seem to be taken aback by the alien crowd and the noise! Then perhaps even the food might not suit to digest! There might even be pollution!
After the toss, pakistanis might had taken to bowling!
Chris gayle just simple strokeplay might be hitting the fast deliveries of shoib akhtar to the fence! Its been 20 crucial overs, wasim and shoib are just wasting the swing! Then shoib bowls a wide and chris gayle inner edges onto the stumps. Its still 45/1. Then there is a bowling change and waqar himself starts bowling. Even saqlain mushtaq comes to bowl.
Then the scorecard after 2 days...
West indies (1st innings)
Chris gayle b.s.akhtar 23
S.campbell lbw w.younis 45
B.lara c.salim malik b. akram 143
C.hooper b. saqlain 61
R. sarwan b.w.younis 0
S. chanderpaul not out 88
R. jacobs c.moin b. akram 18
M.Dillon c. wasim b. saqlain 0
Cummins not out 8
C.ambrose still to bat
C. walsh still to bat
extras -23 total-409/8

In the third and fourth day,
Pakistan (1st innings)
Saeed anwar c. lara b. walsh 39
Amir sohail c. hooper b. ambrose 62
Inzaman ul haq b. hooper 14
salim malik c. jacobs b. walsh 131
Basit ali b. dillon 41
Asif Mujtaba not out 66
Moin khan b. ambrose 0
wasim akram c. lara b. cummins 7
saqlain mushtaq c&b dillon 2
waqar younis stumped jacobs b. hooper 12
s.akhtar not out 8
extras 33 total-415/9

Then after the test tour, there is again a test tour! LOL

nawaz kunal pagare khan

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West indies (2nd innings)
Chris gayle c.moin b.akram 5
S.campbell b.waqar 19
B.lara c.saqlain b.salim malik 33
C.hooper run out 10
R. sarwan not out 41
S. chanderpaul not out 21
extras-10 total- 139/4
On the 5th day, this match ended in a draw!
nawaz kunal pagare khan
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