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Crowe named NZ's batting consultant
Former captain Martin Crowe has taken over as New Zealand's batting consultant, giving up his job as a cricket commentator.
He has given up his job as a cricket commentator to avoid conflict of interest.
"I will be helping national coach Mark (Greatbatch) behind the scenes with one or two players and it's difficult to do both (jobs)," Crowe told the 'Sunday Star-Times'.
Crowe, who is already helping players like Ross Taylor, has been appointed for Test matches.
"It's nice to be asked, finally," Crowe said.
"It's only for Test matches and getting players up for these matches, including Ross Taylor and Tim McIntosh. Mark will guide me where he feels I can be of use."
Crowe's job would include assisting newly-appointed coach Mark but he insisted his is not formal appointment.
"It's not an appointment as such, but in my spare time away from the Rugby Channel I will do the odd bit helping our guys prepare for Tests," he said.
Crowe said he would help players get rid of technical flaws which would ensure they stay longer at the crease.
"You have to be technically aware of what you need to do to stay on the ground. That's the key to batting in Test matches, staying in, which means eradicating ways of getting out, delaying your dismissal for as long as possible."
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