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I am a new subscriber to this forum, and an English Cricket Umpire. I am a member of the ECB Officials Association (Grade 2) and I stand in the North Yorkshire and South Durham Premier Cricket League; The Heavy Woollen Cup; The Harrogate Evening League; The Whixley Evening League; and The Northern Premier Women's Cricket League. In addition, I have officiated at many representative matches, in Durham, Yorkshire and Lancashire. In the past I have stood in the Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League, The Bradford League and as a guest umpire in the Yorkshire ECB Premier League. This coming season is my 12th season as an umpire.

I have decided to start this thread in order to give all of those who love the sport of Cricket the opportunity to discuss and debate the issues facing umpires.

The hottest topic is the use of technology. Perhaps you would like to make your views known?

My view is that where it is available it should be used, but it should be consistent between all televised matches and competitions. TV replay; ball tracking; and hotspot. If all three are not available, then IMHO it should be left entirely to the on-field team of umpires, and even where it is available, the request for technical assistance from the third umpire should be the decision of the on-field umpires.
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