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Dalmiya’s swan song?

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Can anyone tell me who exactly this Prasun Mukherjee is? He’s taking on Jagmohan Dalmiya for the post of president of Cricket Association of Bengal. And why is this election such a huge issue? Is it such a bad thing that Dalmiya may be on his way out?
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Mukherjee is the police commissioner of Calcutta (Kolkata) and known as a tough officer.
No Gameplans, the CAB elections are interesting because they have created such gulfs between people who were always seen as allies. For example, ex-skipper Sourav Ganguly and his family have gone completely against Dalmiya, when people thought a lot of Sourav’s strength came from Dalmiya’s backing. But the gossip is that the Gangulys are upset about Dalmiya’s apparent lack of support during Sourav’s captaincy crisis. Also, the elections have drawn a lot of political attention because the chief minister of West Bengal has publicly stated that Dalmiya should not contest the election. And the BCCI’s witch-hunt of Dalmiya continues, so he really is on a tricky wicket. He’s always been known as a survivor, but I don’t think even he can get out of this corner.
But Dalmiya has received support from the sports minister, who belongs to the chief minister’s party, in his battle against the BCCI, so that complicates matters.
The reason the chief minister asked Dalmiya not to contest is apparently that Eden Gardens will not get any international matches if he continues as president of CAB.
So it’s curtains for Dalmiya, then. A sad way to go for a man who brought such big money into cricket. Whatever you say about him, you can’t deny that. Basically, his successors in the BCCI and CAB will just continue what he started.
Spinstar, this is a classic case of what happens if you start believing in your own powers too seriously.
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