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Ruby Sparks Exclusive Blu-ray Bonus Clip

Watch Hotel Transylvania Online I’ve always loved Paul Dano, but it was really difficult for me to see him as a romantic lead until I saw Ruby Sparks, a lovely and emotional little film which stars Dano as a young man who writes his dream girl into life. Watch Paranormal Activity 4 Online Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is bringing the flick to Blu-ray tomorrow, and to celebrate.Watch Pitch Perfect Online we have an exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip to share with fans.

Download Resident Evil Retribution Movie Couple Jonathan Davis and Valerie Faris co-directed the film, and are present in the clip “Real-Life Couples” to talk about how their working relationship and personal relationship intertwine to create stronger films.Watch Pitch Perfect Online How they saw the same connection in Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan, who are also dating in real life. Although the two stars of the film also happen to be dating, the clip focuses more on the two directors, with writer and actress Kazan calling the couple “true symbiosis in action.”

Watch Taken 2 Online The element of romance is certainly important to the plot, and while the clip doesn’t exactly spend time discussing the film, it’s still a telling and cute way to tie Ruby Sparks to its directors.Watch Taken 2 Online The clip is only one of several extras available with the Blu-ray release. So, check it out, and take a look at the full list of bonus features, below.
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