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Tony Deyal, the former West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) corporate secretary, has called for an investigation into the board's functioning after he was dismissed last week.

"I want the board investigated," Deyal, who has initiated legal proceedings against the WICB, told the Trinidad and Tobago Express. "I want the way they operate investigated, and I want this matter investigated. Money is secondary in this matter. I want to clear my name."

Deyal was sacked two weeks ago following a leak of information which led to allegations over the use of WICB funds to renovate president Julian Hunte's St Lucia office, which the board denied. Donald Peters, the WICB chief executive, was sent on leave but he returned to work after meeting the board's human resources committee.

Deyal said he was dismissed unlawfully, and has sought compensation from the WICB. "There is a whole lot of things happening [within the WICB], and this is an attempt to shut me up," he said. "I asked for an investigation. They never responded. I asked: 'are you accusing me of something?' No response. I had to find out from the media, and then they send me a [dismissal] letter late in the evening."
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