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Dhoni unsure if IPL will aid India
MS Dhoni believes results at the World Twenty20 would determine whether the IPL had aided players' preparation for the tournament in the Caribbean.
A packed recent schedule has been a concern as Dhoni's players have all been involved in the IPL in the subcontinent which stretched across 45 days and only just finished with Sunday's final.

India have no warm-up matches scheduled prior to the start of the tournament and will plunge directly into their first match against Afghanistan on May 1.

"Time and the results we achieve will determine that (the effect of the IPL on the preparation for the World Twenty20).

"If we do well, it will certainly be put down to the IPL and the number of games we played here."

Dhoni, who led the Chennai Super Kings to triumph in the IPL, believes he will have more resources to call on in an international game than in an IPL game.

"As far as the thought process is concerned, there is very little difference between an IPL game and an international game," he added.

"The key difference is that in an IPL game you have limited resources and you have to manage that the best way possible.

"With the Indian team, the players are tried and tested, so in that regard its a little easier in an international game."

Dhoni indicated that fielding would be a crucial element at the tournament in the Caribbean.

"Playing for the country is much bigger than playing for an IPL franchisee," he said.

"We have more resources when it comes to the Indian team, we have some of the best talent in the T20 format.

"With the potential and the talent we have, we should more often than not be winners.

"But this is the format where the strongest teams have been beaten by the weakest side.

"The format demands that you give 100% and that you stay on your toes all the time.

"None of the teams can be taken lightly, but whichever team does well with their batting and bowling will win.

"However, I think fielding will be the key."

India, who won the first edition of the tournament in South Africa three years ago, went out in the second round at last year's event in England.

The surprise exit came after several top players including Virender Sehwag and Zaheer Khan had sustained injuries in the IPL.

While Sehwag misses out again with a shoulder complaint, Dhoni was pleased to otherwise have a fully fit squad.

"It's a fresh start for sure," he said.

"The first year we were winners and last year we went out early which certainly means that the last performance counts for nothing.

"It depends on how we start the tournament, the atmosphere in the dressing room and how well we have gelled as a team.

"After that, it's about execution of plans and while you win some and lose some there is a fine line between losing and being beaten.

"I don't think freshness is an issue. For me the bigger concern is major injuries.

"Apart from small niggles which is part and parcel of the game, none of the players have major injuries right now and there are no fitness concerns.

"This is a demanding tournament and it's great that our best players are fully fit.

"That will be a great help to us."

On the wickets in the West Indies Dhoni said: "The wickets could be to our advantage.

"The last time we were in the West Indies, the wickets were slow and quite flat. It was easy for the batsmen to score runs.

"We have a few practice sessions before the start of the tournament and some of the other teams are also playing practice games, which we would be watching.

"We will see how it goes and hopefully as the tournament progresses the wickets will be slower and assist our spinners and part-timers."

Dhoni revealed he was not too concerned over the form of Yuvraj Singh, a flop for the Kings XI Punjab in the IPL and declared the team would miss Sehwag.

"I'm not too bothered about Yuvraj and his recent drop in performance," he said.

"This is a game where you are low in confidence more than once in a season.

"I personally feel that if you are nervous, it brings out the best in you because you are not overconfident or flamboyant.

"Also, in the T20 format I don't think there is anything called form.

"You could get into form in two deliveries and you could lose form in 15.

"Yuvraj is the kind of player who loves the big stage and the challenges that are thrown at him.

"His intensity goes up and the will to perform, so I'm not entirely worried."

He added: "To some extent Sehwag's absence is a bit of a concern, but injury is something that you have no control over.

"Nowadays the intensity in a practice session is as much as in a game.

"There is no doubt that we will miss him, but the good thing is that Vijay looks in good nick and we are hoping we don't miss him too much because of that."
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