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Dravid wants streamlined structure
Former India captain Rahul Dravid finds the domestic calendar cramped and wants enough space between Ranji Trophy matches.
Dravid wants enough space between Ranji Trophy matches so that the players can give their best.
Dravid, who played for Karnataka in the semifinal of the Ranji Trophy before joining the Indian team in Bangladesh for the Test series there, said lack of breathing space between the matches could be one reason for the slew of draws.
"Since the domestic season is very cramped, the teams don't want to tire their bowlers by trying to go for an outright win," Dravid said in an interview.
"The amount of cricket we play at the domestic level needs to be looked into. It might mean cancelling one or two tournaments, so that there's a proper gap between the Ranji Trophy games," he said.
"Maybe the spacing of the Ranji Trophy games could be a bit better to give the players a bit more rest between the games," added Dravid.
With star players staying away because of national commitments and preference to rest their tiring body, Ranji Trophy has lost some of its sheen but Dravid insisted the frontline players need rest.
"Some are playing all the year for India, it's not easy. You need a break," he said.
Dravid advised state associations to roll out quality wickets if they were really interested in long-term development of their players.
"Some people may play safe because they don't want to lose outright. But local associations must understand that if they want to develop good cricketers, they need their state players to play on good wickets. They might lose some matches, but in the long run they'll benefit," he explained.
"I like the concept of neutral curators and the board is giving them a direction. And, to be fair, the quality of the wickets is improving," he said.
The recent Ranji Trophy final in Mysore saw a decent turnout but Dravid said busy lifestyle makes it difficult for domestic tournaments to draw large crowd.
"It's not that people are not interested. They still follow the scores religiously; it's just that they don't have the time, which is understandable.
"It'd be a good idea to have AIR do live radio coverage of the games. They'd be surprised to see how many follow the games, especially their own state teams," he said.
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