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Ever Been Injured In Cricket?

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Title says it all, so basically have any of you here been injured in a game of cricket?
I have had a few minor injuies, but my worst one was probably when I broke my thumb back in 2006, it is really painfull and I hope it never happens again.
So have you ever been injured in a game of cricket?
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I have on going shoulders problems due to cricket. Continuous fielding and throwing the ball from the boudnry line during my first trraining session with the local club eventually led to me having my right rotar cuff repaired a few years ago.
I still get pain from it and at the moment I get courtisone(sp) injections which work a treat. There's no way I could throw or bowl a cricket ball nowadays.
I broke my finger whilst i was batting, go to cocky after hitting a boundary then i tried to hook him away and it hit my glove. That was my only injury from playing cricket.
I dislocated my kneecap while fielding. I stopped a 4 though.
Funny. I played rugby league for 8 years & never broke a bone.
Playing cricket (as I have for 22 years) I've sustained the following injuries:
- cracked L4 & L5 vertebrae (1988)
- dislocated right shoulder (1989 - first time)
- had a tooth knocked out (1990)
- cracked 2 ribs (1 in 1993, 1 in 1998)
- dislocated left shoulder (1994 - first time)
- two broken toes; both on left foot (early 1990's?)
- broken right collar bone (2006)
... & I've broken 7 fingers (& both thumbs) at least once.

What can I say? I just love the game!
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In Pak, we play our style of cricket, u kow theres no grassy ground, its just streets, we hardly injure our selves cause we basically injure all the GLASSY things like bulbs, window glass, car side mirrors LoL

I m not a pro so i never got injured in my cricket,

though i DO got injured playinf football on the streets so many times, what happens is you usually tri to hit FOOTBALL with sheer power but instead hit the street & your Foot thumb [whatever it is] skin gets shaved & blood comes out LoL
Well i've never had a real serious injury a few wacks to the hand from the ball while batting but my mistake. I fully bruised my hand jumping to take a catch the ball had so much speed i caught it but god did it hurt.
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