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Gavaskar: way out of line

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Sunil Gavaskar is - in my opinion - WAY out of line, with his comments (listed in this article on Cricinfo: Cricinfo - 'Aussies could get whacked in a bar' - Gavaskar)!

He criticises the Australian's on field behavior then goes on to mkae an example of one of cricket's most charismatic & lovable characters, the late David Hookes.

I, for one, would like to know if Sunil Gavaskar actually believes that David Hookes deserved to be killed for his actions whilst playing the game of cricket?!
It's outrageous, & Sunil Gavaskar should pull his head in!

I've been a fan of Sunil Gavaskar's for many years, however I'll never utter another positive word about him, & I believe that he's now damaged his reputation beyond repair.

He will no longer be remembered by Australian's as the first batsmen to score 10,000+ test runs... he will now be remembered as a little, little, little man.

Pathetic, Sunil Gavaskar! Disgusting!
Nothing that I've ever witnessed on a cricket field has bought the game into such disrepute!

In the words of Derryn Hinch... shame, Sunil, shame!
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incubi, the link isnt working. i wanted to read the article :p
Ah yes... once you click on the URL, have a look at the address listed in the address bar of your browser - you'll notice that it's picked up the ')' at the end of the link.
Just delet the ')' then hit enter & you'll be taken to the correct page.

Cheers dude.
I, for one, am very pleased to find that Sunil Gavaskar has publicly apologised for the comments he made on Monday (12 March, 07).

Cricinfo - Gavaskar apologises for Hookes remark

While it was well due, I'm just happy that it's been done.
Comments from Mark Waugh on Australian on-field behaviour

SMH - Mark Waugh
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