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'GC not party to Modi's decisions'

BCCI President Shashank Manohar dismissed Lalit Modi's claim that the Governing Council was aware of all decisions taken by the sacked IPL boss.

Modi had, in a charged up speech, after the IPL final said all the Governing Council members were taken into confidence for all deals related to the T20 tournament.

"I assure you all decisions have been jointly taken by the governing council and approved by the general body (of the BCCI) in both year one and two of the IPL.

"Still as leader of the team, I reassure you that if there have been any flouting of the rules and regulations or if there have been any irregularities, I shall take full responsibility.

"I assure you the IPL is clean and transparent."

However, Manohar rubbished Modi's statement.

"There is a company called Tresco and Blue Water... nobody knows what is Blue Water and what is Tresco and all these things. I did not find in the shareholders register the name of Raj Kundra or Shilpa Shetty who claim to be the stakeholders," Manohar said

As regards Kings XI Punjab, Manohar said the bids were given in the name of a company and was signed by Preity Zinta who did not hold a single share in that company when the bid was given.

He also referred to registration of a company in Britain four months after which its bid was accepted. The company Emerging Media is a co-owner of the Rajasthan Royals.

"We are asking Modi, how can he sign an agreement with A when the bid came from B. Modi made a statement that the entire world knows who the shareholders are but the fact is that not even the Governing Council members know about Rajasthan Royals. I did not find the names of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra in the papers and they claim to be stakeholders," he revealed.

Manohar said many important documents were missing from the IPL and BCCI offices.

"Many documents are missing from the IPL and BCCI offices. Income Tax department has been asking for them but we don't have them. Like the papers of the broadcast deal with Sony are not with us. IT department is asking for these documents but we can't give them because they are not with us," Manohar said.

For all the allegations against Modi, Manohar said if he manages to convince the Board of his innocence in his reply, the inquiry proceedings against him would be dropped.

"It is the duty of the Board to look into the allegations and to have an inquiry it is important to suspend the person concerned. It's not punishment. The person has to be kept out of the Board's functioning to ensure a free and fair inquiry.

"The Board would hold an inquiry and if Modi's reply convinces the members, proceedings would be dropped," he said.

Asked whether the Board was worried about Modi's threats of exposing other BCCI office-bearers, Manohar said there was no concern.

"The BCCI is not worried. If there are other others guilty, we will sack them and take the same action," he said.

On whether he would share the blame for the scandal, Manohar said the whole system worked on faith and he could not be held responsible for entrusting Modi with the job.

"We are ex-officio members of the Governing Council and institutions work on trust. If I were to take care of everything, why would I need a secretary? There is no question of failure of Governing Council. There is a totally professional set up to run IPL," he asserted.

"When I don't have the documents about the benami funds in Rajasthan Royals, how can I say anything? If the funds come from say Virgin Island or Mauritius, I don't have the documents to probe. In fact I got to know of all this only after getting the Income Tax notices," he added.
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