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Gilchrist set for IPL riches

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Adam Gilchrist's retirement from international cricket will be short-lived after he confirmed he would appear in the Indian Premier League in India during April. Gilchrist will step down from Australian duties in March, but will be back in action for the lucrative Twenty20 series.

"I'm signed up like most of our players have," he said. "I see that as an amazing entertainment package."

Eleven players contracted to Cricket Australia have IPL deals, but the Test team is due to be in Pakistan when the tournament begins. The crowded schedule no longer bothers Gilchrist and he will be free to take part alongside Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath, his fellow retirees.

The new format has grown on Gilchrist, who was a reluctant Twenty20 participant when it was first played internationally four years ago. "I was a bit of a traditionalist," he said, "and wasn't so sure about this short version of the game.

"But over time, and having played more of it and seen the way it works, I've realised it's an important part of the cricket structure now. It is entertainment and I feel like I've tried to be entertaining all through my career, but I've done the real serious hard yards and enjoyed that and loved all the sweat and the tears and the laughter."

While the huge sums of money being reported will add to Gilchrist's retirement package, he is also excited to be involved in the innovative concept. "I hear guys talk about World Series Cricket and how exciting it was to be a part of that," he said. "I see this IPL situation being very similar to that. Who knows where it could grow to? To be part of that founding group would be a huge thrill."
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