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Gilchrist's squash ball issue.....

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Kangadaran Mathivanan, the Sri Lanka Cricket secretary, has said that Sri Lanka believe Adam Gilchrist's use of a squash ball in his left glove during the World Cup final was "unethical" and may take up the matter at the ICC annual general meeting in June.

"We are of the opinion that it was unethical for Gilchrist to use a squash ball to give unfair advantage," Mathivanan told AFP. He said Sri Lanka could call on the ICC's cricket committee for stringent application of Law 42 on fair and unfair play to ensure only the approved protection equipment was used. He said that SLC would discuss the issue before deciding whether to raise it in London.

The MCC, who are the guardians of the Laws, told Cricinfo that the official view is that the action was legal "It is no different to wearing inners, etc," Jon Stephenson, said.

Gilchrist scored a matchwinning 149 against Sri Lanka in the final and later revealed his batting aid. "I had a squash ball in my bottom-hand to help with my grip in training and I decided in this World Cup to use it in a match."

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I think Sri Lanka are being unreasonable here, I think they are just trying to find excuses.
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Being one who never lasted long in the middle, I have no idea how having a squash ball in your glove could improve your batting, or be against the rules of the game.

They had their asses handed to them and they can't blame one issue on their failure.
It would annoy me more than help me. My top score is 21 though, so I can't really comment :eek:
I am not a great bats man im ok but still wouldn't a squash ball annoy you being in your glove. I think it'll be one of those cases where theres nothing against it in the rules so no one will care a great deal.
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