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NEW DELHI: The hearing on the appeal of Harbhajan Singh against the three-match ban is likely to be held after the fourth Test at Adelaide. One of the reasons for the delay is that the appeals commissioner, John Hansen is not free before the fourth Test match and the gap between the third and fourth Test matches is too little for the hearing to be conducted.

"At times, the commissioner can take some time. But we want the hearing to take place before the One-day series for sure," BCCI vice-president Rajiv Shukla told TOI on Sunday.

On Friday, the BCCI had virtually issued an ultimatum to the ICC to clear Harbhajan within one week failing which the team would be pulled out of the Aussie tour.

The top brass of the BCCI had a meeting in a Mumbai hotel on Sunday evening where they discussed the issue at some length. In that meeting, some top officials expressed unhappiness with the delay from ICC's side.

However, sources indicated that the deadline before the One-day series was the final one.
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