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At the point when a bowler takes three wickets on 3 successive conveyances or excusing three distinctive batsmen in an International cricket coordinate; it is known as the cap hat tricks in T20 cricket.

There are 104 cap stunts have been guaranteed in all the three organizations of the International cricket for example Test, ODI and T 20 cricket till date.

The absolute first cap stunt in the Twenty 20 International (T20I) was taken by the Australian Bret Lee. Lee accomplished this accomplishment against Bangladesh on 16 September 2007.

Cap stunt of wickets in the T20I cricket is an intense errand when contrasted with Test and ODI cricket in light of the fact that the bowler gets only 24 balls in a match. Maybe that is the explanation that solitary 12 cap stunts have been guaranteed in more than 1,000 matches up until now.

Lasith Malinga is the main bowler in T20 history who has guaranteed more than one cap hat tricks in T20 (Twenty20 International).

Another fascinating truth is that Lasith Malinga and Rashid Khan are the main bowlers to take four wickets in four balls in T20 cricket.
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