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Mendes not worry Linyi appeal, but the appeal of this kid is too strong, NFL jerseys authentic,but also because of this, there is a very serious problem has been placed in a child of the desktop, and this problem is a little imminent.

Is so last season, has won a Triple Crown now to win the Premier League double winners of the kid, but not to join any one national team, it is estimated that it would be a wonderful thing, which makes LIN Yizhong undoubtedly became parties to the national team are interested in a competition for the super meal, after all, the strength of this kid for everyone to see.

Who can win this dissatisfaction with the 18-year-old boy, is simply to increase the weight of a won good grades his team, including those traditionally strong teams in the tentative expectations Mendes ** lipped .

Not only England was proposed for this kid to join England, there are many EU countries in the name of Linyi idea Linyi own, it seems simply do not care about how this very important thing.

Even Mendes brought him, that guy did not say anything, did not seem to like this thing.

This really let Mendes little melancholy, he did not know the LIN Yizhong is how to think, anyway, he is now a little lit.

Originally from the date of the start of the World Cup in 2006. Already far away, the national team of the European countries are stepping up the time to snatch the group stage of the integration, and strive to advance into the World Cup tickets receive a direct.

Mendes clear what kind of game can enhance the value of a player, this tournament like the Champions League is a very good platform, but again, Nfl jerseys cheap,the European Cup and the World Cup is the best place to let his net worth soar again.

Ronaldo and Zidane why the value of so much money? Ronaldo's early career, he has missed the league title from Barcelona to Inter Milan, this guy has been champion never meant.

Even if he could start from the midfield dribbling past each other four or five defensive players, but it has not been to give the team the league championship trophy, until he joined Real Madrid, it was a nightmare considered awakened.

Ronaldo won the championship the number rarely, but that does not prevent him from becoming a worldwide superstar, because what? Very simple, because this guy is a winner of the World Cup, he dominated million people watched the stage.

2002 World Cup return of the king, it is estimated that no one can forget that Ronaldo bit funny hairstyle.

Similarly, no one can forget Brazil 9 center, scored eight goals in the World Cup.

Nike elite jerseys.Ronaldo's position in the history of world football will affect you? Not because this guy with his feet to tell the people on earth, what is the counter-attack of the alien.

Some dare say Ronaldo is not a superstar? No, because this guy has so many man-crazy over him, even if he had not won a number of league title, had not won the European Cup trophy, which is but also how?

World Cup trophy has been enough, do not you? For Ronaldo, he has got a lot of players in this life intangible that the highest honor, the World Cup is to have such a memorable magic.

Only king in the World Cup, you can only be on the generation of superstars, otherwise, you best be regarded as a party princes.

Mendes was too aware of this worldwide competition to enhance the role of the value of a player, so he has been considering Linyi which national teams, in the end should be joining In fact, it would have been wrong to be an annoyance to his problems.

Originally LIN Yizhong is from a small town in Portugal out of the players, this kid is a half-breed, but he was born in the country, but in Portugal, to participate in the Portugal national team can be said to be the logical thing.

But the logical thing is that, because the personality reasons LIN Yizhong and Scolari ran aground.

LIN Yizhong had in Porto, Portugal effectiveness, Jerseys from china,Scolari had intended recruited him into the team before the start of the European Cup in 2004, although it was just the two warm-up match does not matter, but it can be considered into the team formalities.

Can be such a simple thing, Mourinho directly give cut down the middle, originally then Porto in the league and Champions League-lane operations, he was not stupid friendlies put LIN Yizhong alike.

Had on this matter between Mourinho and Scolari estimated almost publicly fell out, but Porto won the Champions League trophy this honor, so a lot of the Portuguese forget LIN Yizhong not selected countries team thing, Scolari took Portugal broke into the European Cup final, finally lost.

After the fact, in Portugal, the team lost to Greece, there are a lot of people have said, if then if Linyi is also the team, maybe they will be able to win at home, rather than to look at Greece in their own doorstep to celebrate the victory, but such remarks or Scolari to press down, he has to maintain prestige in the squad.

Brazil has always been so stubborn old man diehards, cheap nhl jerseys wholesale, when he was able to bring the Brazilian team boarded rely on the peak of the world is this tough, so in the face of how to use the Linyi the issue, he absolutely did not want to make concessions.

"These players within the team, together running for nearly two years, a tacit agreement between them have enough, I will not rush to adjust the team structure and tactics arrangements." This is Scolari in two days in front of the answer to a reporter's question, I can see, this guy does not intend to relent LIN Yizhong problem immediately.
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