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"I don't hanker after captaincy"
Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi today said he is not running after captaincy and is willing to play even just as a senior player.
"I am not running after the captaincy. If the board gives me this responsibility, I will do it but even if I am not captain I still try to play my role as a senior player to encourage and push other players to do well for the team," said Afridi, who is gearing up for the national Twenty20 championship where he will play for his native Karachi team under the captaincy of Mohammad Sami.
"If I wanted so much to be the captain I would not have agreed to play for Karachi under Sami's captaincy. Captaincy is not such a big issue for me. For me more important is playing and performing in any capacity," Afridi said.
The all-rounder also made it clear that they were no major problems in the national team.
"I just feel that the players need to focus totally on cricket and not on other things. The moment they focus only on cricket they would do well," he said.
Afridi confirmed he had also signed up to play for Brothers Union club in the Bangladeshi Twenty20 competition which is likely to be held in Sharjah this year.
Pakistani opener Imran Nazir has also signed up for the same team while all-rounders Abdul Razzaq and Rana Naved have joined Bangladesh PCL.
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