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I was not involved: Graham Ford

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South African Graham Ford, currently cricket coach for Kent, has emerged as the top contender to coach the Indian team, and as he gears up to present his case for coaching India to the Indian cricket board, in an exclusive interview to Times Now Ford says the match fixing case is in his past and it will not affect his chances.

Ford was the South African coach from 1999 to 2001 one of South Africa's most successful periods, winning 6 out of 11 series. However, it was during this period that the infamous match fixing scandal broke.

In 2000, Hansie Cronje confessed to having fixed matches for money bringing the entire cricket world into turmoil. After the deposition to the Kings Commission, Cronje was sacked as South Africa captain. During the clean up operation many South African big wigs including Ford lost his job. However, there has been no link up between the scandal and Ford.

Graham Ford speaks to Times Now

Q: Your reaction to being considered for India coach?
A: Obviously I am honoured with the BCCI considering me. It is a great honour, I am excited at this stage.

Q: How did the offer come to you?
A: During the last week I got a call from a member of the BCCI asking me to consider the position. Obviously anybody involved with cricket would like to be associated with Indian cricket. I am considering the position, but I have a contract with Kent, so I need to sort that out.

Q: You were SA coach while the match fixing scandal broke, do you think that could affect your chances?
A: I should not imagine that should be held against me in anyway. I think any of the wrong doings started before my time as coach. They were exposed very shortly after I had joined, that is, after my second tour. I certainly have no links to it, so I don't imagine anything overtly will be held against me in anyway.

I feel that my coaching will be successful with the team for its work ethic - and I spend long hours with each individual. I will do a supporting act to get the players out there to give their best, empowering them and giving them confidence to perform at the big stage.
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