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ICC committee does not support return of Zimbabwe

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An International Cricket Council (ICC) committee says Zimbabwe should not return to the Test arena until it shows it can perform at the required standard.

The Zimbabwean Government withdrew the African country from Test cricket last year although they still take part in one-day internationals and played in this year's World Cup in the Caribbean.

"The committee did not support the return of Zimbabwe to Test cricket until such time as the team demonstrates its ability to perform at a standard that does not risk undermining the integrity of Test cricket," an ICC statement said.

The ICC chief executives' committee will consider the recommendations of the committee, chaired by former India captain Sunil Gavaskar and containing several other distinguished former players.

Last month the Australian Government ordered the world champions to cancel a planned tour of Zimbabwe in protest against the policies of President Robert Mugabe

It's not the teams fault, if that moron Mugabe was shot, we can only hope, then things would be better. The team hasn't performed that badly over the years but their government are bringing them down. Better resources and support would help them.
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Yer Zimbabwes government arent helping, Zimbabwe were badly hurt by there player fallout a couple of years ago. They have got a young team i think the ICC should let them play test cricket.
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