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ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

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Write your expectations and opinions about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007(it may include regular opinions, comments on your favourite teams or players, or anything else you feel needs to be given importance), clearly mentioning your name, location(including country), and occupation.
The best quotes/comments get to be published in N.I.E. Times of India (the published article shall be displayed here).
Just make sure what you write makes proper sense and is interesting to read.
If you are able to fulfill these two conditions, you will be heard...
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my opinion for australia, They will reach semi finals not finals

This time it is a chance for India, South Africa, New Zealand for world cup.

In this group india shares a less oppurtunities because of injured players. but who will win the world cup

That is the question amoung my friends so we started to review the teams, strengths and weakness. In that still india and australia is pending. by that review i can go with south africa, new zealand, India, West Indies, England, Pakistan are my favorites. Vist my blog to check those reviews
Here are my predictions (I have put that as a separate thread as well).

Assuming that the regular 8's join the Super8 league without any uninteresting entries from Bangladesh or Kenya and such teams, we will have a great world cup.

I am listing my predictions based on their comparative strengths.

1) SriLanka
I thought SriLanka is the best balanced team, but their bowling might be a worry. They have a better pool of resources than any other team, but what I glaringly noticed is that there is a lack in bowling class. Murali may change it only a bit, I predict.

2) India
I never thought India would even have a chance, but they have recently come out of their shell with good set of resources. Very strong contenders.

3) Pakistan
The perennial problem for pak, which are - lack of stability in the openers slot, too many all-rounders. I am not seeing a great teamness with Pak, Inzi's gotta a lot of job to do.

4) South Africa
More hungrier than ever. I think SA will win this world cup just because of the recent form and energy. They have all the skills just except the slow bowling skills which is important for Windies, that's a cause of concern.

5) Australia
As everyone now would say, they dont have a good chance. May reach semis

6) New Zealand
I dont think NZ can be strong in this world cup, they have less no. of classy batsmen who can nudge and accumulate runs in a slow pitch. Their slow bowling options are just okay. Their fielding may be a favouring factor for them.

7) West Indies
I think windies do not stand much chance even though they are playing well these days. They can play well any day, so the oppositions must not talk anything badly about them, if you respect them and play with discipline, windies can be easily beaten. This team can win if the opponents play stupidly....

8) England
England again lacks batting skills for slow bowling except Kevin Pieterson and a bit of Flintoff, Bell and Vaughan. Monty will be the trump card for England.
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Which means Australia, India, Srilanka and South Africa may be the semi finalists....

I predict South Africa to win the cup! Atleast let them carry a mathematician with them this time...
indiafan said:
Which means Australia, India, Srilanka and South Africa may be the semi finalists....

I predict South Africa to win the cup! Atleast let them carry a mathematician with them this time...

Hahahaha, Funny, But this time they are hard to beat. remember even 436 is not enough to defend them from winning the game
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