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Imran khan's debut

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I saw a video of imran khan debut bowling. In that, imran khan looks very tall pathan with bowling action similar like mhd. asif and athletic run-up like mhd. zahid. Its the only video on utube, where imran does a reverse swing yorker like waqar younis. Whereas during the career from 1986 to 1992, imran usually bowled outswing indipper yorkers. Anyway, i think that pakistan bowlers height is tall when they debut avg. 6'4''. But when they age, they become short. Like waqar younis only 5'7'' lol. I think pakistan needs to improvise batting.

I think imran khan is from waziristan.
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I love cricket

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Nowdays sometimes i watch pakistan matches and i see y.arafat running into bowl the first overs. And its very funny.
it was not very funny....................
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