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Imran slams Pakistan National Assembly
Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan has slammed the National Assembly standing committee on sports describing them as "stupid" people.
Imran Khan told reporters during a press meet in Lahore on Thursday that he was appalled at the way the National Assembly standing committee was interfering in sports particularly cricket affairs and causing so much problems.
Pak assembly summons PCB officials
"It is a joke really because nowhere in the world does a parliamentary committee get involved in sports or cricket. These committees are not supposed to look into things they hardly know anything about," the 1992 World Cup captain said.
Imran said the committee and its Chairman were wasting valuable public money by holding hearings and calling officials and players of the Pakistan cricket Board and other sports federations.
"Already they caused so much anguish to Younus Khan after he had won the World Cup for Pakistan that he took a break from cricket," he said.
Imran said the committee was lucky that he was no longer cricket captain.
“ Draw line between the events”
"They are fortunate or I would have given them a real piece of my mind. They have no business involving themselves into sports and summoning officials and players," Imran added.
The NA standing committee which is at loggerheads with the Chairman of the Pakistan cricket Board has summoned Ejaz Butt, chief operating officer Wasim Bari and national selector Muhammad Illyas on February 3 for a hearing.
Jamshed Dasti, the committee head, said the hearing would be held to find out the reasons for the Pakistan team's poor performance in New Zealand and Australia and to find out from the PCB what it had done to prevent the embarrassment caused to Pakistani players at the IPL players auction.
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