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The world of cricket looks very interestingly poised as India and South Africa look to overthrow Australia as Test cricket's undisputed leader. For now, Australia are still the number one team after their win against South Africa in Sydney but the shield of invincibility surrounding Ricky Ponting's men has been shattered beyond repair and South Africa and India are in hot pursuit now.

If South Africa (121 points) beat the Aussies (126 points) in the return series in February to be held in South Africa itself, then they take over as number one. India (118 points) are also coming hard for the top spot too.

Joining in the discussion is Murali Kartik; someone who has played against them and knows more than just a bit about both Australia and South Africa, Dave Whatmore; former player and now an accomplished coach who helped Sri Lanka become a superpower and now is with the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore and Nishant Arora; CNN-IBN's Associate Cricket Editor.

Australia no more invincible?

Kartik believes India are in a better position than South Africa to be the best team in the world.

"India are better and the reason is we are a well-rounded team. We have spinners which the South Africans don't have," said Kartik.

However, Kartik also stated that it was unfair to write off the Aussies after two series losses.

"What surprises me is that a team like Australia, which has dominated world cricket for the last 10-12 years and has bulldozed everyone into submission, loses a couple of series and suddenly people are talking about them not being good anymore. I don't know how the rankings work. They are as confusing as the Duckworth-Lewis system. Aussies are being talked about as if they are Zimbabweans. They are not invincible anymore but the fact is that they still are a top side.," Kartik opined.
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