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With due respect to the sides that have played in India over the last year.

I have observed that of late, Indian pitches have yielded quite a few high totals in excess of 300+.
We have had three 400+ totals. Three 350+ totals in the past 6 months.
I dont think this is because the bowlers arent sticking to thier lines and lengths.
I believe it is because of the poorly prepared pitches in India.

Nothing against the great man who scored a double century yesterday,but I feel that he wouldnt have done so had it been any pother ground which was well prepared.

Even the recent RSA-IND series has seen almost all scores swerve close to 300 or above that.

Your thoughts on this please.

Personally I feel this is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed at the earliest with the World Cup less than 12 months away
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