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IPL changes media access rules
A confrontation between the IPL and the media looms with the former making changes to its news access guidelines.
A majority of the new set of guidelines impose strict restrictions on TV channels, websites and magazines in a deviation from those in place for 2008, the Times of India newspaper reported.

According to the fresh guidelines, TV news channels cannot use more than 30 seconds of fresh footage from the IPL for each bulletin. There is also a seven-minute limit for a full day besides a cut down on the number of repeats allowed- down to three from the earlier four.

The new strictures are most likely to hit lifestyle websites and magazines, with the IPL stating that a website will be allowed to publish IPL content only if it is "owned (directly and indirectly), run and managed by an organization whose primary business solely concerns the provision of news to the public."

The last date for media accreditation for IPL 2010 is February 21.
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