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Ravi Shastri believes the Indian Premier League will "emerge stronger, bigger and more transparent" from the crisis which has engulfed the twenty20 tournament.

Lalit Modi was charged with alleged financial misdemeanours and was suspended from his role as IPL chairman and commissioner by the Board of Control for Cricket in India following a governing council meeting last week. That decision was ratified by the BCCI's working committee in Mumbai yesterday.

Modi was given 15 days to respond to a five-point show-cause notice which accuses him of having rigged team bids and receiving kickbacks from television deals. Modi is yet to respond to those charges.

However, the IPL's governing council, which also included the likes of former Test cricketers such as Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar and Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, has come in for severe flak for turning a blind eye to Modi's misdeeds.

"There were a lot of things done which should not have been, and lot of things which should have happened that did not," former India captain Shastri told the Mumbai Mirror.

"I think not just the IPL, but the also the BCCI - Indian cricket in totality - will emerge stronger, bigger and more transparent from this crisis."

Shastri also defended the members of the governing council and his own involvement in the IPL.

"If someone tells me I am going to do a television deal for 30 million dollars, I can't say make it 50 million - it's not my area of expertise," he added.

"If you ask me whether there should be five overseas players instead of four or there should be 80 matches instead of 60, then I have my opinion.

"My job is to ask cricketing questions, which I did. And we all did in different areas in different meetings.

"When it comes to deals and finance, there is the finance committee and the working committee of the board.

"If anyone wants to point a finger about the cricket, I am willing to answer any query."

Shastri indicated Modi should be given a chance to clear his name.

"It is good that a charge sheet is out and Modi has a chance to explain himself," said Shastri.

"Let's not forget he did an outstanding job in conceptualising the product and taking it to where it is today. He is flamboyant and a visionary.

"To create a property like this, he's thought a great deal and worked very hard.

"But now questions are being asked and the board has given him opportunity to answer them.

"Until he does so, I don't think anyone should pass judgement."
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