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Irfan or Akthar

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Both Akthar and Irfan are making a comeback of sorts.

Akthar's capabilities are well known, but his volatile behaviour has cast a shadow, over his career.

Similarly, Irfan has shown flashes of his talent, but unfortunately, seemed to have hit a road block.

To both this could be the most defining moment in their career.

Who do you think will make the best use of this opportunity.

Will it be Akthar or will it be Irfan?

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i think u could have asked this question in words game this or that edition i think its unfair to compare the two of them right now akthar is a better bowler and has experience while irfan is learning the tricks of the game and has quite way to go
Although Akthar will no doubt be given the opportunity to prove that he's still a world class bowler, I feel that - looking to the future - Irfan should be kept out of the side until the PCB have cleaned up their act! The underlying problem is that it has yet to be acknowledged that the PCB have problems stemming all the way for the very top down... &, sadly, this will only result in more players like Irfan having their opportunities severely limited.

My fingers are crossed for Irfan! :eek:
we are talking about irfan pathan right:confused:?
Rising said:
...we are talking about irfan pathan right?
Aaaaahhhh... no... I was referring to Faisal Irfan.
Sorry mate :)

Irfan Pathan hasn't really impressed me as a bowler just yet... however, I know that he's got talent!
Also, I've been a little more impressed by Pathan's recently efforts to mature - I'll be interested to see how long is lasts, in the face of a hostile Pakistan team. :rolleyes:
Rising said:
we are talking about irfan pathan right:confused:?

Yep! Which one is Incubi talking about?

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ottayan said:
Which one is Incubi talking about?
I was talking about Faisal Irfan (when I said "fingers crossed") - but I'd like to see what Pathan's got to offer, too! I'll be keeping an eye on him when India tour Australia in a few months.
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