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RICHARD BOOCK - Sunday Star Times:

If Murali manages to realise the 1000-wicket dream or even get close to it,surely he'll then deserve to be remembered as the game's greatest player; more dominating than The Don or W.G., more influential than Sobers or the three Ws,and a much bigger match-winner than any of the 80s all-rounders Ian Botham,
Imran Khan, Richard Hadlee or Kapil Dev.

He also asks us to enjoy him as he is

above all else, he is the once-in-a-100-year flood, the biggest phenomenon to hit the game since Bradman wandered in from the sticks in 1928, and maybe the biggest ever.

What do you think is he greater than Don Bradman?

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i think its unfair to compare bradman and murali, bradman was batsmen while murali was a bowler . murali has been very influential but players like sachin also have been very influential so you can't say who is the best when your talking about players from different eras
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