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Hello everyone,,,

Apart from the India-England series, pretty much all cricket going on right now is an absolute, uncompetitive snoozefest. The matchups are complete disproportionate.

The gap between sides feels wider than ever before to me.

Australia is a shadow of its former self.

West Indies blows hot internet sweepstakes software providers and cold and is honestly not a serious threat in test cricket.

New Zealand gets like 2 international games a year

Sri Lanka is close to Bangladesh-status outside their country.

South Africa...I don't know what's going with them. They beat India in tests, get trounced in ODIs, now get their ass handed to them in Sri Lanka.

Bangladesh might have actually developed negatively.

Pakistan is limited by the number of opportunities it gets

I'm seriously starved of competitive cricket. There's no fun in watching a team bundle out for 100 runs and lose by 9 wickets.
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