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John Wright to the fore

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What does John Wright think he is doing? First he says in his book Indian Summers that the selectors were parochial and tried to plug for players from their own zone, now he says he meant to criticise not the selectors but the system. How are the two separate?
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All of this is obviously a ploy to sell his book.
I think that’s an over-simplification. Any author gives interviews before s/he launches a book, and Wright’s comments about how VVS Laxman and Mohammad Kaif were the ones who felt the heat of the selectors’ whims the most make sense to me. Just because his comments come before the release of a book, let’s not dismiss them out of hand.
But I thought it was funny the way Wright first speaks about his unhappiness with Ganguly and then mentions rubbish like the ‘inner trust’ he sheared with the captain.
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