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It is funny how often the Australian cricketers keep getting away with the proverbial murder on the field of cricket. And not once, but twice!

Mitchell Johnson escaped with a 60% fine of his match fee only when he tried to head-butt his opposing batsman, Scot Styris in the first ODI against new zealand. No, you heard me right, head-butt and this is not soccer we are talking about.

And what punishment does he get from the match referee, Ranjan Madugalle? A 60% fine! It is a joke, especially for someone who had, only some months back, got into a squabble with another opponent Sulieman Benn and got away lightly. Then, as is the case, there was body contact, and much more than that.

Rather surprisingly, Johnson had been the batsman then. So, it is not only while the aggressive tempered bowler gets driven for two fours in an over, but also when he tries to smack a few balls away that he feels the need to swear at his opposition.

And no, you guessed it right – he had got away with no ban even then, while Benn was suspended for two games.
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