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Just who is Chirayu Amin?

Chirayu Ramanbhai Amin , BCCI’s low profile Vice-President, was a surprise choice as an interim IPL Commissioner.

His new venture will require him to manage cricket, which is not new for him as he comes to this post having served as the President of Baroda Cricket Association and Vice President of the BCCI.

Amin keeps a low profile and also has a vast experience in the field of finance and marketing. He has been the President of FICCI in the past and is currently the Chief Managing Director (CMD) of Baroda based pharmaceutical giant Alembic Ltd.

Untarnished yet by the ongoing IPLgate, he resides in Baroda with his wife and three sons, all of whom have joined the family business.

Amin’s credentials as an administrator extend further as he also holds the post of Chairman in Sheron Ltd and Alembic Glass Ltd.

Amin is also the Director of United Phosphorus Ltd and if the Baroda’s consistency on the Indian domestic circuit is any indication, then he is not out of place as a cricket administrator.
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